Playing on slot games over at sites like Easy Slots is extremely simple: it is not in fact required to know complex rules of the game and to calculate the probability of winning, characteristics that make slot machines suitable for everyone as a pastime in which to engage in total carefree.

However, those who have never tried a slot machine may find themselves in difficulty at first, without knowing the game controls and in general, the game structure offered.

For this, we have written a short guide that illustrates the principles that lie at the base of most of the multi-line slot games, in order to provide a basic knowledge that can be used in the various slots present in the online casino scene.

Although there are no gaming strategies related to slot machines, their extremely random character, we decided to add some useful advice that we hope will improve the gaming experience of users on slot machines.

How slot machines work: a general look

Despite their extreme variety, all slot machines are based on the same operating mechanisms.
To better explain these mechanisms we will take a particular slot machine as an example, but all the considerations that we will make also extend to all the other slot machines.

Game guide on online slot games


The first step to take when preparing to play a new slot machine is to read the pay table.
The table not only allows you to know the game symbols and the value of their combinations but to find out what are the special combinations that allow you to get free spins, access mini-games and multiply your winnings.

slots winner

Game controls

The game controls allow you to choose the amount of the bet, the number of lines on which to bet and the start of the slot machine.

In general, you can choose the value of the “tokens” to use, the number of coins to bet on each line and the number of lines to bet on. The total bet depends on these factors: for example, if we bet 2 coins with a value of € 0.25 on 20 lines, the total bet is (0.25 * 2 * 20) = € 10.

Pay attention to the “Max Stake” button, which immediately starts the slot machine making the highest bet available for the parameters entered.

Summary of bet and account data:

At any time it is possible to see which parameters are set for the next spin, ie for the next spin of the slot game.

This information is used to keep the game and the total available on the player’s account under control. The position of this data changes from slot to slot, but they are always clearly visible and easy to understand.


panel : The game panel is the heart of the slot machine: on it are visible the symbols and the rotations of the rollers. This is the part that most differentiates between the various games available, because each slot machine has a different number of reels (from 3 to 5), lines (from 1 to 50) and special combinations.

On the sides of the central panel are available the numbers of the lines on which it is possible to bet. Refer to the payment table to check the shape of the various lines.

Last win summary

After each spin, you can check the total amount of any winnings made. This value can be expressed in euros or in a number of coins.